Liyu Xue is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Using an array of media including video, performance, and photography, he explores the performative nature of the bodily presence. Liyu also invests in consciousness and mixed reality study, where he finds new perspectives and evidence to think about the mind-body connection and the embodiment. He received a master of architecture degree from Pratt Institute, where he also studied performance and photography.
03.2021 OPAF 19, Online Performance Art Festival
03.2021 2021 FORMA Y SUSTANCIA FESTIVAL, RACA Centro America
02.2021 Hivemind Exhibition, Wendy Network, Austria
02.2021 Force Exhibition, IncuArts Gallery, NYC, NY
02.2021 PCD21 Future Vision, Porto, Portugal
02.2021 Quantum Leap Exhibition, USCADA, NYC, NY
01.2021 REBIRTH Exhibition, The Holy Art, London, UK
01.2021 Postcards on the EDGE, Visual AIDS, NYC, NY
12.2020 Contemporary Landscape, CICA Museum, South Korea
11.2020 PRIMARY SHAPES, L.A Photo Curator, CA
09.2020 Method of Negotiation Exhibition, AML Space, CA
08.2020 2020 Bank of the Arts National Juried Exhibition, Craven Arts Council, NC
09.2020 50|50 Annual Art Show, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA
07.2020 PLEASE TOUCH THE ART, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, UT

04.2018 JOIN! Build your Own Affordable City, Hazel & Robert Siegel Gallery, NYC, NY
07.2018 Reimagine the Canals, Collective Studio, NYC, NY

11.2020 DigitalFUTURES AR/VR/Games panelist

02.2020 Artist Interview, Wendy Network, Austria
05.2020 Murze Magazine, Issue 12, Grayscape, Human Body, Experience and Isolation
07.2019 SoE, OriginalCopy NYC, AR + Performance

08.2020 Best in Show - Photography Award, Craven Arts Council, NC

05.2018 Master of Architecture, Pratt Institute, NYC, NY
05.2018 Fine Art + Performance Study, Pratt Institute, NYC, NY